CNN And Wall Street Talk About Next Financial Crisis

When will the next financial Crises hit

Here is a great CNN segment talking about the next financial crisis.  The mortgage meltdown of 2008 was ten years ago.  In the segment they were talking about:

Uncertainty and Economic Shakedown – China.  They are not predicting the next slowdown this year and next year 2019.  Ok, let’s do some real talk.  2018 is already over.  It is already mid-September.  Next will be October and Halloween.

In November we have Thanksgiving that is practically the last two weeks of November.

In December we have Christmas that will use up several days.  All companies are having Christmas parties.  Everyone is looking forward to the Christmas holidays with friends and families.  The white house Christmas must be awesome.

I gotta say – 2018 is over.

The same thing will happen in 2019.  2019 will slip through our fingers.

The commentator did not want to talk about 2020.  Will we have the next recession, the next mortgage meltdown in 2020.  Are you ready for the next recession?

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During bad economic times focus your efforts on working with banks, credit unions, asset companies to clean up bank-owned properties.

Here is a video on how to start a foreclosure clean up business: