Foreclosure Clean out Contracts

how to get foreclosure cleaning contracts

foreclosure cleanup contracts
foreclosure cleanup contracts

The common person will be unaware of the Foreclosure Clean out Contracts. You have to be a real estate insider. People who work in the Foreclosure REO will be the ones that know about Property Preservation, Initial Services, Trash-Outs, REO Bank Owned Cleanout are terms that the average person will not know about.

how to get foreclosure cleanup jobs

I first heard of Bank foreclosure Clean up jobs, when I worked for Bankruptcy Attorney. A client of the attorney lost a property to a foreclosure trustee sale. The property owner was devastated. The family got locked out of the property at a sheriff lockout eviction.

When the family got locked out. All of their personals property was locked in the foreclosed REO real estate owned property.

It was a big mess. There was a cleaning bank owned homes crew that was in the process of trashing out the REO bank owned property.

how to get foreclosure cleaning contracts

The attorney immediately contacted the loan servicing company and informed them that there was personal property that belonged to his client.
That was the first time that I heard the term foreclosure cleaning companies.

The bank that owned the REO property was in the process of cleaning out foreclosed home to get ready to list and sell the property.
The lender contacted the company that had the foreclosure cleanup contact. The company contacted the attorney and gave them a 2-hour time frame for his client to pick up his personal property.

The attorney’s client was a nervous wreck. My boss. The attorney asked if I would meet with the client and the cleaning foreclosed homes for bank crew. The trash-out crew is the one that opened up the property for the client.

how to get contracts for cleaning foreclosed homes

Unfortunately, the attorney had many clients that lost their homes to a foreclosure sale. This was the first time that I was aware of a cleaning service for foreclosed homes.

I meet the foreclosure house cleaning crew at the property with the attorney’s client.

I was at the property with the client. The client was loading all of his personal property into a U-Haul. The trash-out crew was waiting for the client to haul away all of his personal property. The trash-out crew had the foreclosure clean out contracts and was ready to complete the trash-out, maid service, and grass cut.

cleaning foreclosed homes for banks

I was asking them all sorts of questions. Like, what are the foreclosure clean out prices? And How many foreclosure clean out jobs were they getting a month or a week? They were very nice and answered my questions about the foreclosure cleaning business.

I started noticing that the foreclosure cleanup companies were placing stickers on the REO Bank Owned Properties. Then I started to notice foreclosure cleaning services everywhere.