Highest paying property preservation companies

Highest paying property preservation companies

Property Preservation Companies

property preservation companies
property preservation companies

Property preservation is a really big business bigger than you may ever think. There are between 30 to 40 property preservation companies that service the whole country, United States. National property preservation companies do not usually have clients across the whole country. The preservation companies will usually have property preservation contracts in different states; and will dominate in certain regions of the United States.

What is a Property Preservation Company?

Property preservation companies work on behalf of banks, credit unions, and loan servicing companies, Wall Street investment firms to protect and maintain vacant, abandoned, foreclosed real estate. There is a misconception that property preservation contractors will only complete REO Foreclosure Cleanouts or Trash-outs. Nationwide property preservation companies will complete the following services:

Occupancy Inspections
Secure Abandoned Properties
Secure Foreclosed Properties
Sheriff Evictions – Securing
Initial Services
Grass Cuts
Maid Services
Install Some Detectors
Install Carbon Dioxide Detectors
Cap Loose Wires
Cap Gas Lines
Trim Trees
Maintain Pools
Board Pools
Board Broken Windows
Complete Board Ups
Plumbing Repairs
Door Jam Repairs
Fencing Repairs
Electrical Repairs
General Rehabs
Garage door repair
Front door jamb repair

Top Property Preservation Companies

The largest property preservation companies will also do insurance claims work. Insurance claims work can also a big profit center for contractors completing property preservation.

Property Preservation Companies Looking for Vendors

When a loan servicing company, bank, credit union, national property preservation companies Asset Company, REO servicing company will hire a new starting property preservation company. The national preservation company will be a property preservation company hiring property preservation specialist – REO property preservation contractors. Most property preservation companies are always looking for good vendors.

How to Get Property Preservation Jobs

The best way is for property preservation companies hiring to find you. If they find you they will know that you are a top property preservation company. The way they will find you is if you have a well-optimized website.

Property Preservation Company for Sale

You can also buy a property preservation company that services bank owned REO properties in your area. An existing company will have foreclosure clean out contacts. You can get a list of property preservation companies in the area. You can contact preservation companies hiring vendors and ask them if they are interested in selling.

How to Start a Property Preservation Company

It depends how big you want to grow a home preservation company. You can start a very profitable REO Bank Owned Servicing Company that covers a geographical area like Los Angeles County Property Preservation. You can be the go-to company for many clients. Your clients can be national property preservation companies, local banks, local credit union, local servicing companies, local asset companies, REO listing agents.

If you want to start a National REO Property Preservation Company that services the whole country. I have not started a national home preservation company. It is possible to build one. I can give some basic ideas on how to start one.

The big REO foreclosure clean out companies like 5 brothers property Preservation Company will have a booth at all big real estate conferences like the Mortgage Bankers Convention, REO Conventions, and Banking Conventions to get foreclosure clean out contracts.  A good source of information is also the National Association of Mortgage Field Services.

Highest Paying with Most Work Property Preservation Companies


Highest paying property preservation companies
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The highest paying REO property preservation companies are the national property preservation companies that you mine yourself. Working for REO property preservation companies is a real estate insider secret. You may be asking yourself how to get property preservation jobs. I will show you a very logical way, systematically way to receive work from the highest paying property preservation companies. See List REO property preservation companies

Most people are not aware of property preservation companies. There are more reo property preservation jobs than you could ever handle.

Preservation work includes occupancy inspections, negotiating cash for keys, rekeying vacant and abandoned properties, completing evictions, trash out, cleaning out reo bank owned properties, tarping roofs, boarding broken windows, general repairs, roof repairs, window repairs, door repairs, cabinet repairs, replace carpet, painting, putting properties into re-conveyance condition.

I will show you go get the top 10 property preservation companies in your area. The most difficult will be the top 5 property preservation companies. The rest will be easy. Once you are receiving reo property preservation jobs from your first company. I got lucky one of the regional coordinators left the first company that was assigning me REO preservation work. The regional coordinator got a job at the largest property preservation companies.

Highest paying property preservation companies
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There directories that have all the financial institutions, credit unions, banks, loan servicing companies, asset companies. The directories will assist you in composing your own list of property preservation companies. The regional coordinator contacted me and informed me his new employer was a property preservation company hiring vendors. I signed up for the reo presentation companies and I started to receive REO preservation work.

Everyone knows who the top property preservation companies.

The national property preservation companies are:
NREFSI, Olympus Asset Management Services, PK Management Group, Safeguard Properties, Seas Asset Services, Spectrum Field Services, U.S. Best Repair Services, USA Property Preservation, Veritas National Field Services, White Van Real Estate Services, Wolverine Real Estate Services Inc., Freddie Mac Homesteps, Keystone Asset Management, Laudan Properties, National Vendor Management Services, National Field Representative, National Field Representatives, National Field Network, National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials, Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS), Miken Construction, Lender Processing Services (LPS), Leading Edge Companies, Five Brothers Mortgage Company, First Preston HC, Field Asset, Cyprexx Services, Cooper Citiwest, Complete Property Restoration, Cityside Management Corp, Bank of America Supplier Relations, Assurant, Asset Management REO Marketing Services, A-Son’s Construction, Inc., America’s Infomart, Altisource, A2Z Field Services.

This represents a small fraction of all the property preservation, REO Services, REO Cleanup, Foreclosure cleanup work available. There are millions of properties in the United States and there is a lot more work out there than you could ever handle.

I have been doing property preservation, reo cleanouts, foreclosure cleanouts, junk hauling for the past 12 years now. I have been successful in a recession which was the mortgage meltdown of 2008 and the real estate market economy has been growing since 2012.

Here is how you create your own property preservation vendors list. One of your resources is searching the internet for a list of national property preservation companies.

list of national property preservation companies
Highest paying property preservation companies

The companies that hire and need REO preservation companies are Banks, Loan Servicing Companies, Credit Unions, Financial Institutions, Asset Companies, Investment companies, etc.
They need reo preservation work to service their real estate owned properties.

The internet is a good start but a more reliable for property preservation companies looking for vendors is to go to your local library and ask for the directories of banks, credit union, loan asset companies, loan servicing companies, etc.

Go to your local public library and ask for the most current Financial Yellow Book, a Leadership directory. The Financial Yellow book is published two times a year. It brings you the most current up to date information on over five hundred public and private united states financial companies in the united states. The Financial Yellow Book more than thirty-four thousand executives and four thousand six hundred board members.

The Financial Yellow Book selects the leading financial companies by using the following criteria: Assets managed, assets, assets managed for commercial banks, bank holding companies, credit unions, money management companies, thirst and savings, total consolidated capital for brokerage firms, dollar amount of mortgage originated or serviced for mortgage companies; premium written for life and health insurance companies and property and casualty insurance companies, premium written for life and health insurance companies and property and casualty insurance companies, market capitalization for real estate investment trust; number of initial investments in U.S. based and overseas companies, as well as assets or assets managed for venture capital firms; importance or distinction within their field for other companies, including commercial and consumer financial companies, leveraged buyout firms, private and family investment firms, hedge funds, and security underwriters.

I opened up the book and first listing in the Financial Yellow Book was AFLAC incorporated. Wow, I thought it was so cool. I immediately thought of the commercial that I see on Television. The AFLAC television commercial is the duck with is going around saying AFLA, AFLAC, AFLAC. I see right there in black and white on paper I see that AFLAC incorporated is 129 million dollar company.
Aflac would most likely be one of the Highest paying property preservation companies that you can contact. You now setting yourself up for success. You are now doing what no other top property preservation companies are doing for setting up a successful property preservation company.

top 5 property preservation companies
Highest paying property preservation companies

The next page in the Financial Yellow Book is Adams Street Partners, LLC. Right there in black and white on paper, Adams Street Partners, LLC is a thirty-billion-dollar company. A thirty-billion-dollar company will be another of highest paying property preservation companies.

The next page is the Alaska USA Federal Credit Union. In the description of the Alaska USA, Federal Credit Union indicates that Alaska USA Federal Credit Union is a member-owned, not for profit financial cooperative with branches in Alaska and Western Washington. Alaska provides a full range of financial services for individuals and businesses, including savings, and loan programs, mortgage and real estate loans, personal and commercial insurance, title and escrow services, and investment and trust management.

how to get property preservation jobs
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If you are in Alaska or Western Washington Area this is your target for highest paying property preservation companies.

The Financial Yellow Book is filled with information, the website, the email, the phone number and fax number.

Suggestion look through the book, assemble of a list of a few hundred entries of the Financial Yellow Book. Contact them with a very simple message. The name of your company, and that you offer property preservation services to financial institutions.

Another tactic for you to get reo property preservation work is to have a well-optimized website.