Starting off Your Junk Hauling Business Needs The Following

film rencontre avec joe black streaming gratuit Creating a junk hauling business is easy for many to start, but to maintain the business running is a whole different ball game.

site de rencontre transsexuel gratuit Ryde The following are ways to start up your junk hauling business. There is going to be a need for equipment, staff, and insurance. There is a high demand for this business and without a staff, there is no way the junk hauling business can successfully pull through.

site de rencontre gratuit sur avignon Brezina As for equipment, there is a serious need for equipment such as dollies, shovels, and tools to break down debris.

Let us not forget the insurance, as a Junk Hauling Company, there is going to be a high demand for big jobs. Any one job can have a mishap that will set you back a couple of steps. If you were to not have insurance, that mishap can cause you to go bankrupt. It is always best to keep the company safe from any accidents.

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Allow me to build your company site

catchy junk removal names

Easy and Catchy Junk Removal Names

catchy junk removal names
catchy junk removal names

Starting a junk removal company and naming it can be a complicated manner. The right name can make a big difference. Look at the name that becomes a worldwide business. Names like Google, eBay, twitter are all names that do not really mean anything.

One of the tasks that you will have to do is check the availability of the catch junk removal names. Depending on how you are going to set up your junk removal company. At the link below you can check in California.

You can think of catchy junk removal names or it can be something simple like John’s Junk Removal for a name. Or it can be Smith and Sons junk removal names. Or you can name your junk removal service in a geographical area like New York Junk Hauling.

Naming your junk hauling company a geographical area limits the possibility of expanding your junk removal company to other geographical areas.

You can have a catchy junk removal slogan underneath your junk removal name like:

John’s Junk Removal – You point we haul it away

Smith and Sons Junk Removal – We handle it all

Here are more junk removal names and slogans:

Junk and Trash Masters
Debris Genies
Junk Relief is one phone call away
We get the job done
Junk and Debris went as easy as 123

Catchy junk removal names and slogans will only do so much for you. Whatever name and slogan you choose will only take you so far. The best strategy is to treat your junk removal clients like gold. Treat them like gold and your clients will give you repeat business and refer you to their friends and family that are in need of your junk removal services.

There is a cool tool that will help you generate a catchy junk removal names.

If you have any questions regarding starting or growing a junk removal company do not hesitate to contact us.

Junk Removal Company Insurance

Insurance Junk Removal Company

Junk Removal Company Insurance
Junk Removal Company Insurance

Insurance for junk removal company is your most valuable asset. It is estimated that there are 40 million frivolous lawsuits are filed every year. Junk Removal Company Insurance will keep you, your family and your junk hauling company protected.

Insurance junk removal company is a necessity for all junk hauling companies. To get the big junk hauling contracts with banks; to Clean out REO Foreclosed homes, the banks require the following insurances: General Liability, Workmans Compensation and dump truck insurance junk removal company.

The banks, asset companies, loan servicing companies, credit unions require big insurance policies. They require big insurance coverage policies because of the high volume of frivolous lawsuits. My clients tell me the following.  My clients are major banking institutions, loans service companies, asset companies, credit unions…

“Eddie this is what happens, we are located in Houston, Texas.   We have loans all across the United States.   We own a property in the state of Montana.  We will hire a local contractor to complete the initial services which include the trash out, maid service and initial grass cut and shrub trimming.  Our inspectors inspect the  REO property and find the property vacant.  There is only junk in the property.  It appears as though the property has been abandoned for some time.  When our inspector – inspects the house the foreclosed property was wide open.  The inspector reports back to us and we issue an order for our property preservation contractor to secure the REO Bank owned property.

I personally know all of my property preservation contractors they are all good people.  And I require them to have Junk Removal Company Insurance before they are approved as one our REO Property Cleanup Specialist.

Our property preservation contractor arrives at the foreclosure clean out job and reports there are less than $300 dollars of value of personal property everything is deemed debris.  

We approve an order for the Property Preservation Contractor to secure the property, change the locks, install a lockbox, trash out the property, complete a maid service and grass cut.

A neighbor will call the previous owner of the property and let them know that a crew was at the property cleaning it out.  The previous occupant now files a frivolous lawsuit against us.  And the lawsuit is for everything from a wrongful foreclosure to say that they had a fully furnished home, filled with antiques, and very valuable furniture including cash and a Rolex watch.

Everyone knows that this is a frivolous lawsuit. But everyone deserves their day in court.  It will cost us $100,000.00 in legal fees to defend us from the lawsuit.  

Junk removal company insurance is for the protection of everyone.



Wall street freaking out financial crisis

CNN has been having segments on the housing market crash of 2008. It has been 10 years since our last housing market collapse.

In this segment, CNN shows a video of President Bush in early 2000.  Where the Bush administration is talking about homeownership and he was passing a law to help the first time home buyers achieve the goal of homeownership.

President Bush was doing a great thing.  I remember those days. It was so easy for a first time home buyer to buy a home.  There were real estate loan programs for first time home buyers; The first time home buyer could buy a home without any documentation of any kind.  If your credit was good – high fico score.  You were able to buy a home without proof of income, no tax returns, no bank statements.  It was unbelievable.

Click the link below to see what they now say is what led to the housing market collapse of 2008.

CNN is now bringing segments of the real estate crash of 2008.  Are you ready for the next housing market crash?  I made more money than I had ever made cleaning out foreclosed homes.

Watch the video below and I will show the key steps to starting an REO foreclosure clean-out business.






Wall Streets Fears 2008 Mortgage Melt Down

Wall Streets Fears Another Financial Crisis of 2008

Nobody knows for sure when the next financial crisis or another mortgage meltdown will happen again.  The last financial crisis happened in 2008, supposedly.  Wall Street is starting to worry about the next financial crisis.

I was a real estate listing agent in from 2001 to 2006.  From 2001 to 2004.  I would close an average of 3 real estate listings a month.  In 2005 my real estate listing business started to slow down.  It was starting to come harder to close a real estate listing.

In 2006 it was becoming very difficult to close a real estate transaction.  It was very painful financial times for me and my family.

I instinctively knew there was going to be another recession.  I was very obvious to me.  I started a junk hauling business.  My junk hauling business focused on cleaning Bank Owned REO properties – my REO real estate business was slammed with work.

The mortgage meltdown started in 2005 if you ask me.  That is when I felt it in my real estate listing business.

In 2007 I was slammed cleaning out foreclosure properties.  In 2008 that is when it hit the media.  It was coined the mortgage meltdown of 2008.

If you wanted to start a foreclosure trash out company in 2008 it was too late by then.  I already had 25 people working for me and knew all of the asset managers, REO listing agents and I was cleaning out 125 properties per month.  In addition, were boarding up REO foreclosed properties, fencing REO bank owned properties, and so much more work that our clients always had a special request.

Here is a great video on how to start a foreclosure clean up service.

CNN And Wall Street Talk About Next Financial Crisis

When will the next financial Crises hit

Here is a great CNN segment talking about the next financial crisis.  The mortgage meltdown of 2008 was ten years ago.  In the segment they were talking about:

Uncertainty and Economic Shakedown – China.  They are not predicting the next slowdown this year and next year 2019.  Ok, let’s do some real talk.  2018 is already over.  It is already mid-September.  Next will be October and Halloween.

In November we have Thanksgiving that is practically the last two weeks of November.

In December we have Christmas that will use up several days.  All companies are having Christmas parties.  Everyone is looking forward to the Christmas holidays with friends and families.  The white house Christmas must be awesome.

I gotta say – 2018 is over.

The same thing will happen in 2019.  2019 will slip through our fingers.

The commentator did not want to talk about 2020.  Will we have the next recession, the next mortgage meltdown in 2020.  Are you ready for the next recession?

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Junk Hauling is the evergreen business.  During good economic real estate times; a junk hauler should focus his efforts on working with construction companies that have new jobs.

During bad economic times focus your efforts on working with banks, credit unions, asset companies to clean up bank-owned properties.

Here is a video on how to start a foreclosure clean up business:

Start Foreclosure REO business

Start Foreclosure REO Cleanup Business – Very Profitable

In this video I am going to show you how to get into the foreclosure/REO cleanup business.

An REO Foreclosure cleanup business/property preservation contractor can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars per year of personal income. Watch the entire video – watch it more than once if you need to, because I get a little geeky. The better you understand the REO/Property Preservation business – you will have success

I have been in real estate for the past 30 years and
I have been in the foreclosure REO cleanup industry since 2006.
Most reo foreclosure cleanup companies have got out of business. My business is thriving and I will show you why and how.

I am going to show you:

the general idea of how the reo foreclosure industry works
reo/foreclosure cleanup industry related terms
two main methods to get into the industry
which is the most profitable
other ways to get profitable jobs

REO Foreclosure Cleanup terms:

Foreclosure and Notice of Default – the process that the bank or lender follows to take ownership of a property when the owner does not make their monthly mortgage payments.

REO – Real Estate Owned – the bank, lender, servicing company is the owner of the property. The previous owner – lost it to a foreclosure auction sale.

National Preservation Companies – are companies that service bank owned – REO properties. they have contracts with all the big banks and the big servicing companies.

Potential Clients – REO Property Preservation
Loan Servicing Companies, Small Banks, Credit Unions, Asset Companies service loans or portfolios of loans for investment companies, wall street firms, pension funds, retirements funds, mutual fund companies … it just goes on and on and they are your potential clients.

From here on I am going to refer to : small banks, credit unions, asset companies, wall street firms, pension funds, retirement funds, mutual fund companies, investments firms, etc it is whoever is the owner of the REO property. As the “loan servicing company”.

REO Listing Agent – is a real estate listing agent that is hired by the “loan servicing company”
And loan servicing company could be anything from a small bank to credit union … mutual fund etc.

To be clear any entity bank to mutual fund can own the loan or an REO property.

Property Preservation Contractor – That You

Foreclosure is the process the Loan Servicing Company does to take ownership of a property, when the owner fails to make their payments.

The foreclosure process will vary from state to state.

Here is the foreclosure process in a nutshell

The property owner falls behind on their payments. The lender will do the foreclosure process. They will follow the foreclosure process per the state, local laws and procedures per the local area where the property is located. And if the property owner does not pay to get the property out of foreclosure the servicing company will ultimately take back the property. The servicing company will take ownership of the property. The property then becomes REO – Real Estate Owned – owned by the servicing company but again remember it could be small bank, a credit union, a mutual fund.

Important fact – $300 per day
Once the property becomes REO. The cost to hold the property is an average of $300 per day. The servicing company has to pay the interest, the insurance, the inspections, the cleanup, the maintenance, the repairs, etc.

During the foreclosure process the loan is removed from the pool of loans that are current and placed into the delinquent and foreclosure departments of the “Loan Servicing Company”.

When the property is in foreclosure. Property Preservation Contractors are hired to do inspections on the property. Usually just drive by inspections for occupancy and general info about the property. Usually an inspection occurs once a week, when a loan/property is delinquent with their payments.

Every big loan servicing company does monthly inspections on properties once a month – I would say that every property that has loan has a monthly inspection.

I know property property preservation contractors that make a killing just doing inspections.

Ok – back to reo foreclosure cleanups – Big profits

The “Loan Servicing Company” becomes the new owner of the property through a foreclosure sale.
Foreclosure to REO – Real Estate Owned Property.
The loan the property is now moved from the foreclosure department to REO – Real Estate owned property of the “loans servicing company”.

The property is now referred to as REO Property – Real Estate Owned. This is important

Starting a foreclosure cleanup business. I know that is what it is referred to by people in general. But technically the property is an REO that is how the property is referred to in the industry.

The loan servicing company will hire a REO listing agent to service the property.

The REO listing agent will be responsible to maintain the property everything and anything that an REO property will need.

Property Preservation Contractor will complete the following tasks:
Occupancy inspections
lock changes
install lock boxes
maid services
broken window board ups
complete board ups
tree trimming
plumbing repairs – sub out
electrical repairs – sub out
roof tarping
roof repairs – sub out
pool boarding
pool draining
pool acid wash
pool refilling – chemicals
rehabbing – paint, minor repairs, carpet… and more

methode 1 to get REO Foreclosure clean up work.
The big banks the national banks will use national preservation companies to do all of the above tasks.

here is a link to all of the national preservation companies.

List REO Property Preservation Companies

This is not as profitable

The national preservation companies have set pricing. Have set pricing for a cubic yard of debris, boarding, etc. The pricing is below fair market value pricing. Do a google search for “REO Debris Removal and Cubic Yard”. In addition to having below average pricing they have a discount rate. The discount rate is 25% of the total job. That is how they make their money. If you have an invoice of $1000.00 they take 25% off the top.

Today they pay is $300 to remove 30 cubic yards of debris. They have the 25% discount rate so they will pay $225.00 to remove 30 cubic yards of debris

In 2006 the pricing to remove 1 cubic yard of debris was $60 dollars. To remove 30 cubic yards was $1,800.00 minus 25% discount is $450.00. They would pay $1,350.00

In addition you have to photo document the debris, interior, exterior, and living room, bedroom 1, bedroom 2, etc, you have to photo document the dimensions of the truck bed. You have to take a photo of your truck in front of the property.

There is a lot of wasted time and energy, covering your ass because if you miss 1 photo and they will cut your invoice.

Period – search online and you will see and hear the horror stories of working for national preservation companies.

A few years ago there was only a few preservation companies. Back then it was very profitable to work for national preservation companies. Now there is over 20 national preservation companies and they are under bidding each other in order to get the work. Now it is not so profitable.

methode 2 to get REO Foreclosure clean up work.
There is a whole other world in the REO foreclosure cleanup business besides the national preservation companies. This is what I recommend for you. Set up a simple website that is optimized specifically for Reo Property preservation and your geographical area.

I have 2 websites that bring me a constant flow of new clients for all of the preservation work described above.

Do not go see the websites they are old ugly and outdated. I do not change them or update them because they work very well. And as my father said to me do not fix it if it is not broken.

LACPP.COM – Los Angeles County Property Preservation

REO listing agent are the ones that hire local preservation companies to service REO properties. One REO listing agent can change your business overnight. One reo listing agent can have hundreds of property. REO listing agents are always desperately looking for good property preservation contractor.

An REO listing agent will search google for

reo clean up + your city
reo board up + your city
reo locksmith + your city
reo trashout + your city

foreclosure reo clean up los angeles
Rank page 1 google for clean up los angeles
Google page 1 rank reo trash out los angeles
Google page 1 rank reo trash out los angeles

One very important factor to consider in foreclosure – REO clean up business

The foreclosure REO cleanup business runs in cycles. The reo foreclosure business runs in parallel with the housing market.

When the housing market is strong there will be little foreclosures

When the house market is declining or in a recession there will be a lot of foreclosures.

The last recession was in 2008. The mortgage meltdown of 2008. I stated a property preservation in late 2006. In 2008 that is when it was all over the news and newspaper. The mortgage meltdown of 2008. In 2008-2009-2010 everyone and their brother in laws was wanting to start a reo foreclosure cleaning business. Many started one.

When it was all over the news and the news paper the mortgage meltdown of 2008 by that time it was too late to get into the business. You have to get into the business before it starts. because by the time most people wanted to get into the REO Foreclosure Business. I was already very established. I had 25 people working for me.

Right now is the perfect time to get started: The last recession of was from 2007 and the recovery was 2010-11-12.

A booming real estate cycle and a declining recession cycle

Any cycle will have a beginning, a peak and a decline and an end.
I am sure you have heard the saying that nothing lasts forever,

The real estate market has been going strong since 2012. I have been reading the reports, the articles and blogs and it indicates that the real estate market has flatlined in 2016. We are now 2018 and almost 2019. There will be a steady increase in REO properties starting now.

Nobody knows for sure when it will happen. But it will happen. No question about it has happened since the mid 1800. search real estate economic cycles

There are ways to get REO Clean jobs

Have the client find you:

Have a simple website built that is optimized for your coverage area. I know everyone and their brother in law can build a website. But they do not know the REO property preservation business like I do, they do not understand the real estate economic cycles. They are not going to know the industry insider terms. Like if the site is seo optimized foreclosure cleanup + your city it is not going to work. A And there is a lot more to it than that. I have been living and breathing real estate my whole life.

Trash out is another term that is common in the industry.

This is going to get geeky:
SEO Optimization is three main components:

What your site is about
What google thinks your site about
and how your potential clients are searching for you

One REO listing agent searching for REO Property Preservation Contractor will make you a lot of money. One agent can have multiple accounts with different banks, credit unions, loan servicing company
At my peak I my reo property preservation company was:

trashing out 125 properties per month $1,000 to $2,500
complete boards up of properties 2-3 per week – $1,500 to $2,500.00
10ft high fences – required by city one a week from $3,000 to $12,000.00
grass cut list 800 properties – 2 times per month – after labor I netted $10 per grass cut X 1600 grass cuts

Another way to get REO – Property Preservation work is to contact – Loan Servicing Companies that have loans in your area and offer them your service. You have to know which companies have loans in your area because there are loan servicing company all over the country that have loans all over the country – We know how to find the loans servicing companies that have loans in your area.

Email Marketing to REO Listing Agents
Get a list of REO listing agents in your area and offer them your services. It took us a few years to nail this one down because we would do email marketing. We were not getting any responses. We were not getting any responses because our email message would go to the promotions box or spam box.

We were using the email services like mailchimp, constant contact, aweber. And we learned that all of their email go into the spam box or promotions box not to the primary inbox. Google and other email host services like gmail, yahoo and outlook have already flagged those emails.

We had to build our own email servers to get our email into the primary inbox.

How is my company thriving while other all other REO property preservation went out of business.

As the economy was recovery from the mortgage meltdown of 2008. In 2010 we started to receive less and less order from our clients.

That is when I started The purpose of 365junkremoval was to market from general contractors that needed our services.

An reo property only has to be cleanup once. A construction jobsite has be cleaned up 2-3 times per week.

365junkremoval is SEO optimized for contractors that are doing new construction, remodel jobs, kitchens, bathrooms …

We started by hauling away construction debris for contractors. And then the floodgates opened up: They hire us for all kind of special projects like:

cleaning windows
rough, detail and final construction cleanups
move construction material around like I once had a crew of 4 guys taking drywall up to a 6 floor building. The contractor wanted 10-15 sheets of drywall in each room. and their attitude was just get the job done and send us a bill. demo kitchen, bathrooms, roofs, chimneys…

More about getting jobs in both good and bad real estate cycles

Right now during a time when there is little REO Property Preservation work
brings me a constant flow of REO property preservation jobs. Both loan servicing companies and REO listing agents find me this way.

We are busy with both REO Property Preservation work and with Contractor Jobs.

If you have seen my other videos – I went through tough financial times when there was a transition in the real estate market from a booming cycle to the recession of 2008. But that will not happen again now that I understand the real estate market cycles.

If the real estate market is booming I have that brings me a constant flow of jobs from contractors.

If there and when there is another real estate recession I have that bings me a constant flow of REO Property Preservation work.

I now help REO property preservation contractors and Junk Haulers around the country to build and grow their business using this methods.

I almost forgot. One very important factor for the reo property preservation contractor and the Junk Haulers is to always, always focus your marketing efforts on getting clients that have 2-3-4 jobs per week. Never focus your efforts on getting the garage cleans ups or yard clean ups. Those jobs are ok and that is the money that I use on the weekend to take my wife to eat a steak dinner on the weekend.

we grow junk hauling business
we just don’t build websites
we understand the business, the real estate market cycles, and google

I built my first website in 2007 again do not go see it it’s ugly and old but it client generating machine and everything that I have done the website has been done right. Everything is done by real people, no bots, no nonsense. My site survived Panda, the changes that google made to screen out bots.

Highest paying property preservation companies

Property Preservation Companies

property preservation companies
property preservation companies

Property preservation is a really big business bigger than you may ever think. There are between 30 to 40 property preservation companies that service the whole country, United States. National property preservation companies do not usually have clients across the whole country. The preservation companies will usually have property preservation contracts in different states; and will dominate in certain regions of the United States.

What is a Property Preservation Company?

Property preservation companies work on behalf of banks, credit unions, and loan servicing companies, Wall Street investment firms to protect and maintain vacant, abandoned, foreclosed real estate. There is a misconception that property preservation contractors will only complete REO Foreclosure Cleanouts or Trash-outs. Nationwide property preservation companies will complete the following services:

Occupancy Inspections
Secure Abandoned Properties
Secure Foreclosed Properties
Sheriff Evictions – Securing
Initial Services
Grass Cuts
Maid Services
Install Some Detectors
Install Carbon Dioxide Detectors
Cap Loose Wires
Cap Gas Lines
Trim Trees
Maintain Pools
Board Pools
Board Broken Windows
Complete Board Ups
Plumbing Repairs
Door Jam Repairs
Fencing Repairs
Electrical Repairs
General Rehabs
Garage door repair
Front door jamb repair

Top Property Preservation Companies

The largest property preservation companies will also do insurance claims work. Insurance claims work can also a big profit center for contractors completing property preservation.

Property Preservation Companies Looking for Vendors

When a loan servicing company, bank, credit union, national property preservation companies Asset Company, REO servicing company will hire a new starting property preservation company. The national preservation company will be a property preservation company hiring property preservation specialist – REO property preservation contractors. Most property preservation companies are always looking for good vendors.

How to Get Property Preservation Jobs

The best way is for property preservation companies hiring to find you. If they find you they will know that you are a top property preservation company. The way they will find you is if you have a well-optimized website.

Property Preservation Company for Sale

You can also buy a property preservation company that services bank owned REO properties in your area. An existing company will have foreclosure clean out contacts. You can get a list of property preservation companies in the area. You can contact preservation companies hiring vendors and ask them if they are interested in selling.

How to Start a Property Preservation Company

It depends how big you want to grow a home preservation company. You can start a very profitable REO Bank Owned Servicing Company that covers a geographical area like Los Angeles County Property Preservation. You can be the go-to company for many clients. Your clients can be national property preservation companies, local banks, local credit union, local servicing companies, local asset companies, REO listing agents.

If you want to start a National REO Property Preservation Company that services the whole country. I have not started a national home preservation company. It is possible to build one. I can give some basic ideas on how to start one.

The big REO foreclosure clean out companies like 5 brothers property Preservation Company will have a booth at all big real estate conferences like the Mortgage Bankers Convention, REO Conventions, and Banking Conventions to get foreclosure clean out contracts.  A good source of information is also the National Association of Mortgage Field Services.

Highest Paying with Most Work Property Preservation Companies


Highest paying property preservation companies
start junk hauling business will setup a profitable property preservation junk hauling business for you

The highest paying REO property preservation companies are the national property preservation companies that you mine yourself. Working for REO property preservation companies is a real estate insider secret. You may be asking yourself how to get property preservation jobs. I will show you a very logical way, systematically way to receive work from the highest paying property preservation companies. See List REO property preservation companies

Most people are not aware of property preservation companies. There are more reo property preservation jobs than you could ever handle.

Preservation work includes occupancy inspections, negotiating cash for keys, rekeying vacant and abandoned properties, completing evictions, trash out, cleaning out reo bank owned properties, tarping roofs, boarding broken windows, general repairs, roof repairs, window repairs, door repairs, cabinet repairs, replace carpet, painting, putting properties into re-conveyance condition.

I will show you go get the top 10 property preservation companies in your area. The most difficult will be the top 5 property preservation companies. The rest will be easy. Once you are receiving reo property preservation jobs from your first company. I got lucky one of the regional coordinators left the first company that was assigning me REO preservation work. The regional coordinator got a job at the largest property preservation companies.

Highest paying property preservation companies
start junk hauling business will help you set up a start junk hauling business, property preservation business, reo bank clean-up service

There directories that have all the financial institutions, credit unions, banks, loan servicing companies, asset companies. The directories will assist you in composing your own list of property preservation companies. The regional coordinator contacted me and informed me his new employer was a property preservation company hiring vendors. I signed up for the reo presentation companies and I started to receive REO preservation work.

Everyone knows who the top property preservation companies.

The national property preservation companies are:
NREFSI, Olympus Asset Management Services, PK Management Group, Safeguard Properties, Seas Asset Services, Spectrum Field Services, U.S. Best Repair Services, USA Property Preservation, Veritas National Field Services, White Van Real Estate Services, Wolverine Real Estate Services Inc., Freddie Mac Homesteps, Keystone Asset Management, Laudan Properties, National Vendor Management Services, National Field Representative, National Field Representatives, National Field Network, National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials, Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS), Miken Construction, Lender Processing Services (LPS), Leading Edge Companies, Five Brothers Mortgage Company, First Preston HC, Field Asset, Cyprexx Services, Cooper Citiwest, Complete Property Restoration, Cityside Management Corp, Bank of America Supplier Relations, Assurant, Asset Management REO Marketing Services, A-Son’s Construction, Inc., America’s Infomart, Altisource, A2Z Field Services.

This represents a small fraction of all the property preservation, REO Services, REO Cleanup, Foreclosure cleanup work available. There are millions of properties in the United States and there is a lot more work out there than you could ever handle.

I have been doing property preservation, reo cleanouts, foreclosure cleanouts, junk hauling for the past 12 years now. I have been successful in a recession which was the mortgage meltdown of 2008 and the real estate market economy has been growing since 2012.

Here is how you create your own property preservation vendors list. One of your resources is searching the internet for a list of national property preservation companies.

list of national property preservation companies
Highest paying property preservation companies

The companies that hire and need REO preservation companies are Banks, Loan Servicing Companies, Credit Unions, Financial Institutions, Asset Companies, Investment companies, etc.
They need reo preservation work to service their real estate owned properties.

The internet is a good start but a more reliable for property preservation companies looking for vendors is to go to your local library and ask for the directories of banks, credit union, loan asset companies, loan servicing companies, etc.

Go to your local public library and ask for the most current Financial Yellow Book, a Leadership directory. The Financial Yellow book is published two times a year. It brings you the most current up to date information on over five hundred public and private united states financial companies in the united states. The Financial Yellow Book more than thirty-four thousand executives and four thousand six hundred board members.

The Financial Yellow Book selects the leading financial companies by using the following criteria: Assets managed, assets, assets managed for commercial banks, bank holding companies, credit unions, money management companies, thirst and savings, total consolidated capital for brokerage firms, dollar amount of mortgage originated or serviced for mortgage companies; premium written for life and health insurance companies and property and casualty insurance companies, premium written for life and health insurance companies and property and casualty insurance companies, market capitalization for real estate investment trust; number of initial investments in U.S. based and overseas companies, as well as assets or assets managed for venture capital firms; importance or distinction within their field for other companies, including commercial and consumer financial companies, leveraged buyout firms, private and family investment firms, hedge funds, and security underwriters.

I opened up the book and first listing in the Financial Yellow Book was AFLAC incorporated. Wow, I thought it was so cool. I immediately thought of the commercial that I see on Television. The AFLAC television commercial is the duck with is going around saying AFLA, AFLAC, AFLAC. I see right there in black and white on paper I see that AFLAC incorporated is 129 million dollar company.
Aflac would most likely be one of the Highest paying property preservation companies that you can contact. You now setting yourself up for success. You are now doing what no other top property preservation companies are doing for setting up a successful property preservation company.

top 5 property preservation companies
Highest paying property preservation companies

The next page in the Financial Yellow Book is Adams Street Partners, LLC. Right there in black and white on paper, Adams Street Partners, LLC is a thirty-billion-dollar company. A thirty-billion-dollar company will be another of highest paying property preservation companies.

The next page is the Alaska USA Federal Credit Union. In the description of the Alaska USA, Federal Credit Union indicates that Alaska USA Federal Credit Union is a member-owned, not for profit financial cooperative with branches in Alaska and Western Washington. Alaska provides a full range of financial services for individuals and businesses, including savings, and loan programs, mortgage and real estate loans, personal and commercial insurance, title and escrow services, and investment and trust management.

how to get property preservation jobs
start junk hauling business will help you set a profitable property preservation, reo cleanup, foreclosure cleanup, junk hauling company

If you are in Alaska or Western Washington Area this is your target for highest paying property preservation companies.

The Financial Yellow Book is filled with information, the website, the email, the phone number and fax number.

Suggestion look through the book, assemble of a list of a few hundred entries of the Financial Yellow Book. Contact them with a very simple message. The name of your company, and that you offer property preservation services to financial institutions.

Another tactic for you to get reo property preservation work is to have a well-optimized website.

property preservation company

Big Profits from Property Preservation Companies

property preservation vendors
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Servicing Reo – Real Estate Owned Properties, bank owned properties, working for property preservation company is a real estate industry insiders secret. Working for a property preservation company is very profitable.

Property preservation vendors service properties that are foreclosed properties. The property preservation jobs that they complete are, evictions, rekey the property, evictions, board ups, 10ft high chain link fences, trash outs, maid services, tree trimming, lawns, grass cuts, shrub trimming…

property preservation vendors list
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I am writing this post to let as many people know about REO property preservation companies, start a junk hauling business will give you a complete property preservation vendor list.

I have been a property preservation contractor for eleven years, and it has been very profitable for me and my family. I regularly get orders to complete various jobs from National property preservation companies. And I service home preservation jobs for several local banks, credit unions, reo listing agents, loan servicing companies, loan asset companies through my own that is the best-paying property preservation companies around.

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REO property preservation jobs include in a nutshell:

The property preservation company is responsible to protect, safeguard, and prevent deterioration of, reo, vacant, abandoned properties that are owned by banks, lenders, asset companies, loan servicing companies, investors, securities firms…

The home preservation companies will keep the owner of the asset informed, with the condition of the property, any repairs the bank owned reo property will need to keep the property in a safe and secure state.

The property preservation company may require you to register the property with local ordinances at specified time schedules.

REO preservation companies may be required to submit reo property inspections, and any repairs, maintenance, preventative maintenance to maintain the property in the best possible condition and prevent any damages, deterioration and the reo property secure, preventing break-ins, and squatters.

Preservation work will also include submitting bids to bring the property to the neighborhood standards.

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REO preservation work will also include monitoring vacant properties, reporting new damages, verify the address.

They are lists of property preservation companies that have different orders for the different clients that they have. Each client from the list of national property preservation companies have many different guidelines for each of the clients.

Conduct your property preservation and yourself as a top property preservation companies and be sure to complete any and all details and instructions on the REO property as outlined by the property preservation companies that hired you to complete the necessary work completed in professional and efficient manner.

list reo preservation companies
list best property preservation companies to work for

Property Preservation work will include to work with attorneys, the foreclosure department and place the reo bank owned property into conveyance condition as required by U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

National property preservation companies may give you an order to register the property with local city ordinances which require to the registration of properties in foreclosure and properties that are bank owned.

Property Preservation Vendors to work with Hazard Claims Insurance department fo file claims, and repair damaged properties.

Your Property Preservation company to work local city’s building and safety departments to cure subject property’s code violations.

Property Preservation companies will need to ensure compliance with directives both in writing, with reports, from regulatory agencies, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the government-sponsored enterprise, insurers and investors for the default services functional work groups.

Comprehend and Follow to Claims Managing processes conducted in fulfillment with client guidelines, Government Sponsored Enterprise, and (PMI) Private Mortgage Insurer requirements as well as Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, state, city, local and federal guidelines.

Evaluation of miscellaneous up-to-date reports and help with documentation of new reports, including safeguarding department services level agreements are met with the client.

Start and nurture a work collaboration with the client at all levels in the process which is helpful, cooperative, courteous, positive, and proficient in handling long-term working sustainability. Taking a project from start to finish to the client’s orders.

Execute as a key point of interaction to internal and external departments in the clients’ staff for escalations interconnected to one or more business operations in the pre-foreclosure and post-foreclosure areas to diminish reputational impact to the client or insurers best resolve for a professional unit.

Collaborate with national preservation management departments to advance and realize new or updated processes, procedures, and strategies and comprehend procedure competencies and probable holes created within national property preservation vendor’s department or with designated property preservation vendor.

Contribution to property preservation orders of new case delegation, order or property resolution, and in a sensible compensation for services rendered to property preservation contractors.

How to apply preservation company

There is a lot of information here a lot of processes and procures. Do not get overly concerned. The national preservation company will give you very simple straightforward instructions to submit a report regarding the property, or submit a bid to do repairs or complete a said repair on the subject property.

Property Preservation Companies

List of National Property Preservation Companies

property preservation vendors list
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I have been servicing REO bank owned properties, working with property preservation companies for the past eleven years. Property Preservation companies have set pricing, which is usually below the market value pricing. Property preservation companies also take a percentage of the job right of the top. The percentage that they can be up to thirty-five percent.

In 2006 I found myself jobless, one of the things I had going for me was that I had been working in real estate for the eighteen years. From my previous real estate experience. I knew property preservation company were going to be looking to employ property preservation contractors.

reo property preservation companies
property preservation vendors list

I started searching for property preservation vendors lists. The real estate market was booming from 1998 to 2005. The news in 2005 was everywhere that a real estate bubble was imminent. REO top 10 property preservation company were going to be hiring property preservation contractors to service pre-foreclosures and bank owned properties.

The great recession hit, unemployment was on the rise. Foreclosure rates were also on the rise. Real Estate prices started to decline which is the real indication that real estate was slowing down, this is an indication there is going to REO preservation work. The really scary part was when companies started going out of business, some of these intuitions were the backbone of our economy for decades. It seemed like every day there was a new bank, new servicing company, mortgage companies, investment companies, lending companies, securities companies were falling like flies. Here is the list of companies that were going to need property preservation companies to service their REO bank owned properties, and various securities notes.

national property preservation companies
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Bank of Antigua, Bank of the west – subsidiary of HBOS, Dexia, Fortis, Roskilde Bank, Glitnir, Kaupthing Bank, Landsbanki, Straumur Investment bank, Alliance Bank, BTA Bank, Parex Bank, ABN AMRO, Philippine American Life and General Insurance Company, Banco Portugues de Negocios, Banco Privado Portugues, Anglo Irish Bank, Bankia, Cajasur, Catalunya Caixa, UBS, Alliance and Leicester, Barnsley Building Society, Bradford and Bingley, Catholic Building Society, Chesham Building Society, Derbyshire Building Society, Dunfermline Buidling Society, HBOS, Lloyds of TSB, Northern Rock, Royal Bank of Scotland Group, Scarboro Building Society, Ambac, American Freedom Mortgage, American Home Mortgage, American International Group of New York, Ameriquest Mortgage, Bear Stearns New York, Colonial Bank Alabama, Commerce Bancorp, Cherry Hill, New Jersey, Countrywide Home Loans, Countrywide Financial Services Calabasas California, Downey Savings and Loan, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FGIC, First Federal Bank of California, Guaranty Bank Texas, HSBC Financial Corporation, IndyMac Federal Bank, Lehman Brothers, Lehman Brothers New York City, Merrill Lynch, Merrill Lynch New York City, MF Global, National City Bank, National City Bank of Cleveland Ohio, Netbank, New Century, New Century Mortgage, Ownit Mortgage Solutions Inc, PMI Group, Sovereign Bank, Sovereign Bank of Wyomissing, Sovereign Bank of Pennsylvania, Wachovia Financial Services, Charlotte Financial Services, North Carolina Financial Services, Washington Mutual Bank.
All of the above bankrupt financial institutions got taken over by a handful of banks, investment companies, securities firms.

The bankrupt institutions and bundled up thousands of securities. The securities instruments where notes and deeds of trust for properties across the country. The properties were that were secured by the bundled up securities were going to need national property preservation companies, and the property preservation companies were going to need property preservation vendors.

home preservation companies
list of property preservation companies

I searched for a list of property preservation companies and found the best source of the list of national property preservation companies. I signed up at few home preservation companies and I was soon contacted by property preservation companies hiring vendors.

When I started in property preservation in 2007 I did not know anything about property preservation companies. I started with a national property preservation companies servicing REO bank owned properties.

reo property preservation jobs
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I started servicing REO [real estate owned] properties, bank owned properties for a property preservation companies. In tandem, while working for property preservation companies I was offering my services working with local banks, local credit unions, loan servicing companies, asset companies, REO listing agents…

The strategy was to do as many REO property preservation jobs from the top property preservation companies. The strategy was to do property preservation jobs for as many different REO preservation companies to find the best-paying property preservation companies and get as much experience to complete home preservation jobs.

list of property preservation companies hiring
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I did not sign up for all the property preservation companies hiring because some of the property preservation companies looking for vendors did generously.

I found the best property preservation companies to work for, but my goal was to do my own preservation work. I started to think how to get property preservation jobs for my own company.

In a short period of time, I had more preservation work I could handle. I would assign preservation work to several crews that were working for my property preservation company.

Best paying property preservation companies

list of reo preservation companies
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I would receive an order from property preservation companies giving me instructions to service a property. The order could be as simple as do a drive-by inspection and check the property for occupancy.

An order to verify occupancy from property preservation companies would be between three to five pages long. I would devour and dissect the occupancy check from the property preservation companies.

list of national property preservation
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The three to five-page occupancy check order had a lot of redundancy.

There are about twenty-five different types of orders from property preservation companies.

If you have any questions regarding starting junk hauling business or a property preservation business do not hesitate to contact Start Junk Hauling Business.