Property Preservation Companies

property preservation vendors list

List of National Property Preservation Companies

property preservation vendors list
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I have been servicing REO bank owned properties, working with property preservation companies for the past eleven years. Property Preservation companies have set pricing, which is usually below the market value pricing. Property preservation companies also take a percentage of the job right of the top. The percentage that they can be up to thirty-five percent.

In 2006 I found myself jobless, one of the things I had going for me was that I had been working in real estate for the eighteen years. From my previous real estate experience. I knew property preservation company were going to be looking to employ property preservation contractors.

reo property preservation companies
property preservation vendors list

I started searching for property preservation vendors lists. The real estate market was booming from 1998 to 2005. The news in 2005 was everywhere that a real estate bubble was imminent. REO top 10 property preservation company were going to be hiring property preservation contractors to service pre-foreclosures and bank owned properties.

The great recession hit, unemployment was on the rise. Foreclosure rates were also on the rise. Real Estate prices started to decline which is the real indication that real estate was slowing down, this is an indication there is going to REO preservation work. The really scary part was when companies started going out of business, some of these intuitions were the backbone of our economy for decades. It seemed like every day there was a new bank, new servicing company, mortgage companies, investment companies, lending companies, securities companies were falling like flies. Here is the list of companies that were going to need property preservation companies to service their REO bank owned properties, and various securities notes.

national property preservation companies
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Bank of Antigua, Bank of the west – subsidiary of HBOS, Dexia, Fortis, Roskilde Bank, Glitnir, Kaupthing Bank, Landsbanki, Straumur Investment bank, Alliance Bank, BTA Bank, Parex Bank, ABN AMRO, Philippine American Life and General Insurance Company, Banco Portugues de Negocios, Banco Privado Portugues, Anglo Irish Bank, Bankia, Cajasur, Catalunya Caixa, UBS, Alliance and Leicester, Barnsley Building Society, Bradford and Bingley, Catholic Building Society, Chesham Building Society, Derbyshire Building Society, Dunfermline Buidling Society, HBOS, Lloyds of TSB, Northern Rock, Royal Bank of Scotland Group, Scarboro Building Society, Ambac, American Freedom Mortgage, American Home Mortgage, American International Group of New York, Ameriquest Mortgage, Bear Stearns New York, Colonial Bank Alabama, Commerce Bancorp, Cherry Hill, New Jersey, Countrywide Home Loans, Countrywide Financial Services Calabasas California, Downey Savings and Loan, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FGIC, First Federal Bank of California, Guaranty Bank Texas, HSBC Financial Corporation, IndyMac Federal Bank, Lehman Brothers, Lehman Brothers New York City, Merrill Lynch, Merrill Lynch New York City, MF Global, National City Bank, National City Bank of Cleveland Ohio, Netbank, New Century, New Century Mortgage, Ownit Mortgage Solutions Inc, PMI Group, Sovereign Bank, Sovereign Bank of Wyomissing, Sovereign Bank of Pennsylvania, Wachovia Financial Services, Charlotte Financial Services, North Carolina Financial Services, Washington Mutual Bank.
All of the above bankrupt financial institutions got taken over by a handful of banks, investment companies, securities firms.

The bankrupt institutions and bundled up thousands of securities. The securities instruments where notes and deeds of trust for properties across the country. The properties were that were secured by the bundled up securities were going to need national property preservation companies, and the property preservation companies were going to need property preservation vendors.

home preservation companies
list of property preservation companies

I searched for a list of property preservation companies and found the best source of the list of national property preservation companies. I signed up at few home preservation companies and I was soon contacted by property preservation companies hiring vendors.

When I started in property preservation in 2007 I did not know anything about property preservation companies. I started with a national property preservation companies servicing REO bank owned properties.

reo property preservation jobs
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I started servicing REO [real estate owned] properties, bank owned properties for a property preservation companies. In tandem, while working for property preservation companies I was offering my services working with local banks, local credit unions, loan servicing companies, asset companies, REO listing agents…

The strategy was to do as many REO property preservation jobs from the top property preservation companies. The strategy was to do property preservation jobs for as many different REO preservation companies to find the best-paying property preservation companies and get as much experience to complete home preservation jobs.

list of property preservation companies hiring
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I did not sign up for all the property preservation companies hiring because some of the property preservation companies looking for vendors did generously.

I found the best property preservation companies to work for, but my goal was to do my own preservation work. I started to think how to get property preservation jobs for my own company.

In a short period of time, I had more preservation work I could handle. I would assign preservation work to several crews that were working for my property preservation company.

Best paying property preservation companies

list of reo preservation companies
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I would receive an order from property preservation companies giving me instructions to service a property. The order could be as simple as do a drive-by inspection and check the property for occupancy.

An order to verify occupancy from property preservation companies would be between three to five pages long. I would devour and dissect the occupancy check from the property preservation companies.

list of national property preservation
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The three to five-page occupancy check order had a lot of redundancy.

There are about twenty-five different types of orders from property preservation companies.

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