Sample Dump Truck Business Plan

Business Plan Dump Truck

Best Sample Dump Truck Business Plan

Our business plan for dump truck company is the power sweep. Vince Lombardi is one of the best NFL coaches of all time. His signature play was the power sweep. This is from the Vince Lombardi school for owning a dump truck. Power sweep is a basic and simple play. The power sweep works every time. The business plan for a dump truck company should be as basic and simple as possible.

If the dump truck business plan is complicated it will probably not work.

How to Start a Dump Truck Business

A dump truck business is hard work and is very profitable. Companies that start and own a dump truck business do not have a feasible business plan. Some of them think they want to do jobs for the homeowner that wants to clear out his garage or his basement or his yard. This is ok.

How to Run a Dump Truck Business

The core strategy is to work with clients that have a big need for the services of a dump truck hauling business. The clients that have 1-2-3 jobs per week. Three clients that have 1-2-3 dump truck work per week will give you a good solid base to build your business.

Dump Truck Hauling Projects:

SBA, the small business administration is a great source for writing your business plan; making money with a dump truck.

Governmental Agencies, I have a friend that services Federal buildings, and VA cemeteries.

Your State, check your state website for jobs that will be available to you.
County, check your county website for jobs that will be available to you.

Your city, check your city website for jobs that will be available to you.
Getting dump truck contracts with the City, State, County, and Federal Government is very profitable. Be sure to read the fine print. Or consult an attorney. There are U.S. Government jobs that have to be assigned to minorities, or women or U.S. veterans.

Click the link below for more information on getting contracts with the U.S. Government.

The U.S. Government awards $500 billion dollars in contacts each year to business.

Using Real Estate to Anticipate the Next Financial Crisis

Harvard is one of the most respected institutions in the world. They recently published a popular article. The article is about the real estate market cycle.

There are 4 phases to the real estate market cycle:
Phase 1 Recovery
Phase 2 Expansion
Phase 3 Hyper Supply
Phase 4 Recession

Let me break it down. What it means on how to run a dump truck business. It is very simple.

Profitable Dump Truck Business

Recession dump truck contract jobs

During a recession focus all of your efforts cleaning out foreclosed homes. During a recession, banks, credit unions, loan servicing companies, asset companies will all be desperately looking for the services of a professional junk hauling company.

How to get dump truck contracts – REO Foreclosure clean outs

Here is a link for a list the top United States property preservation companies.

Link here

To get the most profitable dump truck contract jobs. Start junk hauling business will help you get your contacts. Your foreclosure clean out business must have a website that is optimized for your geographical location and your REO foreclosure clean out business.

How to start a dump truck business plan – Construction clean up jobs
I started my junk hauling business during a recession. I had more work than  could ever handle cleaning out foreclosed properties.

The economy started to recover in 2012. I had built some awesome hard working crews. And I started a new marketing plan to focus on the construction industry.

When I started the website. The website did not have much traction. To give it a boost. I did some email marketing to construction companies. We first used the services like constant contact, mail chimp and aWeber but none of emails worked. They the cold email went straight to the spam box or the promotions box.

We were not getting any responses. I did some research on cold email and found out how to find dump truck work. After a lot of expense and hard I built my own email servers. Use Sample Dump Truck Business Plan to Start a Junk Removal Business

This sample dump truck business plan helps you get a clearer ideas of how to operate your junk removal business.


sample dump truck business plan

What kind of service are you offering?

When starting a junk hauling business, you need to consider the type of debris you want to remove. There are multiple ways you can start marketing your business, here are the following: There is construction debris pick up.

cherche rencontre femme ce soir arras sorrowfully Use Dump Truck To pick up trash.  

happn application rencontre Saiha REO properties (bank owned property)

site de rencontre pour une aventure incommunicatively Dumpster Rental

gay chat br Salvaleón de Higüey Heavy Debris Contract

City Contracts to pick up debris.

Office Building Contracts

Whichever way you want to take your business you need to make sure you are properly covered.

You are going to need the proper city licenses, junk removal company insurances to protect the company. You are going to need to get in touch with the DMV as well.

Since you are using trucks to haul away you are going to have to work with the DMV and ask for a motor carrier permit.

If you are going transfer through state lines and back, you need to be regulated with the state lines. There are specific guidelines when going in and out of state. Go over your state guidelines for more information.

To start advertising your services starting by making your advertising for a single topic. For example, if you are going to go with a dump truck business, you would have to contact people that need dump trucks. You are going to need to create a website to target a specific client. Your clients will be only the contractors that are your target audience. List of the targeted audience out, who is going to be your number one client? Once you have figured out a junk hauling business plan start sending out the right message to the right market.

Start marketing to them through emails or postcards. This is a great way to get the word around that your junk removal services are up for grabs. To start junk hauling business with the right website please click here to start.