How to Start Hauling Business

how to start hauling business
Different types of hauling businesses

How to Start Hauling Business First, to learn about how to start hauling business, we should define the different types of hauling and removal.

vidéo pour gay Most people outside of real estate think about general junk haulers when they consider hauling business. They drive a dump truck and come to your house to pick up an old bed frame, old furniture, broken fridge or old CRT TVs. However, the mom-and-pop clients that general junk haulers get do not have repeat business. They may need a pick up or 2 a year.

REO Property Preservation

rencontre femme escarpins Hilversum Preservation companies are also hauling businesses. They target a more specific market, and are usually larger with more crews and more expertise. When a homeowner defaults, the bank repossess the property and calls it “bank owned property” or “real estate owned” (REO). A real estate agent will hire a preservation hauling company to do a “trash out”. The hauling company will arrive at the property, verify occupancy and the condition of the property. Then they will remove and haul a away all personal properties of the previous owner. This includes furniture, beds, cupboards, shelves, clothes…

modele annonce site rencontre You can haul away several truck loads of trash, junk and debris from an REO property. Real estate agents working on REO may have hundreds of work orders per year. However, the banks require a multitude of paperwork and processes.

Construction Clean up and Debris Removal

bienvenu dans la jungle streaming vf unutterably As of April 2017, construction is booming. General contractors and home remodel companies are very busy with work. Each construction project generate several truck loads of debris that your hauling company can pick ups. This include wood, cardboard, concrete, bricks and more.

Choose a Dump Truck for to start hauling business

I started my junk removal business by borrowing and renting trucks. However, you want to own a dump truck as soon as you can afford it. Used trucks are cheaper, but you want to make sure your truck is reliable.

There are many kind of trucks. You should choose a truck that best fits your target clients and your services area. My company services Los Angeles. Traffic is brutal and there is little parking space. For my area, a small truck works best. If you are in a less crowded area, you may choose a larger truck to carry a heavier load.