Entrepreneur’s Guide to Foreclosure Cleanups

Big Profits Foreclosure Cleanups Entrepreneur’s

Entrepreneur's Guide to Foreclosure Cleanups
Entrepreneur’s Guide to Foreclosure Cleanups

The junk hauling business is bigger than you think. If not bigger. There are small and large companies that are making a killing in the debris removal business.

I am grateful to the junk hauling business. And I am excited that you are considering getting into the profitable world of junk hauling.

If you are considering starting a foreclosure cleanup business. I am here to help you. I am here to help you succeed. I love the foreclosure clean-out business. I love the foreclosure clean outs because the industry gave me a job when I had no income. I have been able to provide for my family very well.

There is a big need for professional junk haulers and foreclosure cleaning service.

This website is intended to help you succeed in the foreclosure clean up business. If you have been asking yourself how to make money cleaning foreclosure? Your questions will be answered on starting a foreclosure cleaning business.

Cleaning out foreclosures is a business that blooms during a recession. During a recession, there will be a lot of foreclosures. Even during good economic times, there will be profits from cleaning out foreclosures.

During good booming real estate times and during a recession there will be foreclosure cleaning jobs. During good times there will be less foreclosure cleaning jobs. During good economic times, there will be a lot of junk hauling cleaning construction sites.

Cleaning foreclosures for banks the property only has to be trashed out once. And you will remove 1-2-3 truckloads of trash, debris, and junk.

A new construction site will need to be cleaned out 1-2-3 times per week. That is right a construction site has to be cleaned out a few times per week. New or remodeled construction jobs will take months or even years.

Both cleaning bank owned homes and cleaning construction sites is very profitable.

One great tip to have a success REO foreclosure cleaning houses is to make the job. Always have fun when you are driving to the foreclosure clean out.

In the industry, an REO foreclosure clean up is known as a trash out or initial services.

How to make money cleaning foreclosures? I have 2 answers for you. It is more profitable for you to get your own clients cleaning out foreclosed homes for banks. I know you have a question how do you get your own foreclosure cleaning contracts.

There is a bunch of way of getting how to start a foreclosure cleaning business. The best way is to have banks, credit union, loan servicing clients, asset companies to get foreclosure clean up jobs.

Every city in America has cleaning foreclosures. Build a simple website that is optimized for:

Entrepreneur’s Guide to Foreclosure Cleanups

Property Preservation Contractor + your city
REO Property Preservation Contractor + your city
Foreclosure Clean ups + your city
Foreclosure Trashouts + your city
REO foreclosure securing + your city
REO foreclosure inspections + your city
REO foreclosure occupancy inspections + your city
REO foreclosure evictions + your city
REO foreclosure lock change + your city
REO foreclosure junk removal + your city
REO foreclosure window boarding + your city
REO foreclosure complete board up + your city
REO foreclosure fencing + your city
REO foreclosure plumbing repairs + your city
REO foreclosure maid service + your city
REO foreclosure grass cut + your city
REO foreclosure lawn service + your city
REO foreclosure electrical repairs + your city

If you have any questions about a website that is optimized for REO Foreclosure Property Preservation do not hesitate to contact us.

There are REO listing agents, asset companies, loan servicing companies, banks, credit unions, private investors that will search for Professional REO Property Preservation Companies to service their properties or properties in there portfolio’s.

How to get foreclosure cleaning contracts?
There are national preservation companies.

Click the link below for a list of Nation Property Preservation Companies to get jobs cleaning out foreclosed homes.

Entrepreneur’s Guide to Foreclosure Cleanups

List REO Property Preservation Companies

Property Preservation Companies have foreclosure cleaning business hud pricing guidelines content. They have set pricing. Set pricing for:

Occupancy Inspections
Trash out
Debris – Junk – Trash Removal per cubic yard.

The national property preservation companies have a complex way of measuring, counting and removing debris.

Here is an example of the pay structure to remove debris, junk, trash is. Remove up to 29 cubic yards of debris in trash out the pay will be three hundred dollars. If there are 30 yards of debris the Preservation company will pay five hundred bucks.

If there are 40 yards of debris. The pay structure will be like this. They will pay five hundred dollars for first thirty yards. For yards 31 to 40, they will pay per cubic yard. The pay per cubic yard will vary from the different preservation companies. The average pay per cubic yard will be approximately $30.00 per cubic yard of debris.

In addition, you have photo document the debris, the back of your truck. And even if there are over 50 cubic yards of debris and you do a perfect job of removing the debris. The property preservation company will cut your invoice for missing one photo or you did not photo document the 40 cubic yards of debris.

Entrepreneur’s Guide to Foreclosure Cleanups

Start Junk Hauling business is the Entrepreneur’s Guide to Foreclosure Cleanups.