how to start a foreclosure cleanout business

Start a cleanout foreclosure business

Foreclosure cleanouts is a highly profitable business. Cleaning REO properties will generate highly recurring streams of income. There are loan servicing companies, reo real estate listing agents, banks credit unions, asset companies, hud, fanny mae that will need your services of a property preservation company cleaning out foreclosed properties.

Starting a foreclosure clean out business can be done for almost no money. All you will need is the operation cost for one month. Most companies, REO listing agents, asset companies, and national preservation companies pay within one month or sooner to complete the trash out on the REO bank owned property.

When I started my foreclosure clean-out business. I started with no trucks, no equipment, and no crews nothing. I had two childhood friends that helped me start my foreclosure clean-out business. One of my friends had a stalk truck. Either he would haul away the debris from the bank owned properties and preferred pricing. Or if he was busy working and the truck was available I would rent the truck from him. If his truck was not available I would rent a truck or hire another haul away junk service to do my jobs. Either way, I had to get resourceful and get the job done.

Financing – Foreclosure Clean out Business

I have heard of several of my competitors in the foreclosure business that borrowed money from banks or had lines of credits. It is not necessary. I did not want to borrow money from anyone to clean out foreclosures. I used my creativity. I just hustled to start my foreclosure cleaning jobs. I basically started my foreclosure cleaning service for nothing buy my labor and all of the cleaning foreclosure profits was all mine.
Mission Statement – Foreclosure Cleaning Service

The Mission of the Foreclosure Clean out Company is to become the recognized leader in its target market of cleaning REO Bank owned properties.

Management Team – Foreclosure Home Cleaning Business

The Foreclosure Cleaning was founded by John Smith. Mr. Smith has 25 years of servicing REO foreclosure clean out jobs for various clients including Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citibank, and the federal government, FHA, Fannie Mae, and HUD. He has extensive experience in areas of Bank owned properties management and service.
Sales Forecast – Foreclosure Cleaning Services
Mr. John Smith expects a strong rate of growth at the start of operations. Mr. Smith expects a return of three hundred percent within three years of starting.

Expansion Plan – Foreclosure Clean Outs

The founder John Smith anticipates the company will aggressively expand throughout the initial 3 decades of operation. Mr. Smith plans to execute marketing campaigns which will effectively target people and companies within the market.

Registered Name and Corporate Structure – Cleaning Foreclosures

The foreclosure cleans out service can be as easy as DBA doing business as or if you have the funds to start an LLC.

Required Funds – Foreclosure Clean out DBA or LLC

Initial lease payments dump truck and deposit $15,000.00
Working Capital – labor, dump fees, and fuel $35,000.00
Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment $25,000.00
Yard and office lease $7,500.00
Security Deposits $12,500.00
General Liability insurance, $3,000.00
Dump Truck Vehicle insurance $2,000.00
Marketing Budget – Start Junk Hauling Business $15,000.00
Miscellaneous and unforeseen costs $5,000.00

Investor Equity – Foreclosure clean out business
Mr. John Smith is not seeking an investment from an investor at this time.
Management Equity – REO Bank Owned Properties Cleaning Service
Mr. John Smith owns 100% of the Foreclosure Clean out company LLC

Exit Strategy – Foreclosure Property Cleanout

In the event the company is quite effective, Mr. John Smith may try to market the company to another party for a substantial earnings multiple.

How to Start a Successful Foreclosure Cleanout Business

According to historic amounts, the company could bring a revenue premium of around 6 times earnings. But, with current gas prices rising, the premiums for waste management companies have diminished as a result of the volatility of the petroleum markets. It must be noted that Mr. Wassef plans to run that business for a substantial time period, and a possible exit strategy wouldn’t be implemented for five to seven decades.

Big Profits Foreclosure Clean Out Business

The more you are able to provide on your company the much better chances you are going to have, meaning more money in your pocket. Again you want to become professional about your cleaning business. Starting a cleaning business can be a very rewarding venture but there are a couple of essential considerations that can make a difference on your capability to do so efficiently. If you are like me, you want to continuously improve your cleaning service business.

How to Start A REO Property Preservation Business

The very best thing about my job is the chances that we will need to help meet the business dreams of our clients and make tasks within our area. Last, be sure you’re marketing and on the watch for new tasks on a continuous basis. If you are going to do commercial tasks, you can’t simply do this without having the right licensing set up.

How to Start a Profitable Foreclosure Cleaning Business

Why a business operator would not have to get educated about what is going on in their business, I’m still unsure. Many small business owners look too ambitious, but frankly, they just adore the things they perform. Every house cleaning company operator must know more about the company he or she conducts, but every company owner should also have the abilities to help the business operate efficiently.

how to run a successful dump truck business

How to Run a Successful Haul Away Junk Business

Great you have successful hauling away junk business.
Once everything is all set up you have success junk hauling business. You have clients that are sending you a constant flow of business. Now it is time to grow your junk hauling business.

Tip no.: 1 – Run a successful dump truck business

Build a rolodex of other junk haulers. There will be a time when one of your clients will give you a job in which there are two hundred or three hundred yards of debris. And of course, the client will need the job to be done on an emergency basis.
One of the things you can do is have friends that you can hire other hauls away junk companies on preferred pricing. This way you can do big jobs with big profits without having the overhead of several trucks. Once you have the budget and all the jobs to have a fleet of dump trucks great. But this is one way for you do bid jobs, service your clients. When your competitions get give jobs they may refer them to you or you could assist them. Either way, it’s a win/win in the junk hauling business.

Tip no.: 2 – Run a successful dump truck business

Live happens every day in the hauling away business. There is going to be traffic. You haul away dump truck is going to break down on the most inconvenient day. You are going to get a flat a few miles from your job site. There are going to be a day in which when you get to the city dump the dump site will close its doors right in front of your face. Be prepared to have a backup plan.

Tip no.: 3 – Run a successful dump truck business

Have a system. For example when you get a new job. What is the process for the new junk haul away job? Who is responsible for assigning the job to a crew? Once the job is done who is responsible to bill the job?

The SBA is a great resource for junk haulers that want to start, want to grow and expand their haul away business.

The start junk hauling business experts can help you with all of that.

hauling business plan

Junk Hauling Business Plan

Why Writing a Hauling Business Plan
Writing a hauling business plan is a lot of work. Why do you need a hauling business plan? The business plan will give a roadmap to your hauling business. A hauling business plan will help you get money. Lenders and or investors will require a hauling junk business plan. A professionally written hauling business plan will set you apart from your competition. A well-prepared business plan for your junk hauling business will increase your success. A well thought out helps beat the odds.

Hauling Business Plan Keeps you On Track

A professionally written business plan for hauling helps you anticipate problems and solve them before they get out of hand. The plan gives you a clear purpose toward your goals and the future of your business. For example, if you are planning to be making a living three months after you start up your junk hauling business. And after one year later you are going to be in the whole one hundred bucks per day.

How to Start Hauling Business Plan

The one thing you are much less confident about is the way to get a company all set. Then it is imperative that you look your business in a way that sets you apart from other people. The hotshot trucking company is different from a usual trucking business.

Starting a Trucking Business Plan

As soon as your organization is ready, begin marketing your company to potential customers. Prior to trying to go into business on your own, you’ll have to make certain you’re cut out to conduct your enterprise. In fact, business is much superior to ever. An overview of the industry sector your business will be a part of, such as industry trends, leading players at the company, and projected sector earnings. With plenty of effort and confidence, you can make sure to make an extremely prosperous junk removal company straight away.

Start Hauling Business Plan for No Money

Additional you can market your organization on community sites such as Craigslist. It is always important that if you start your business, you begin it off to the ideal foot when you begin your business. Whether you are considering being self-employed, starting a small neighborhood business with a Few workers, or establishing a company which will develop into a much larger business, the 1 thing that you understand is that you’d like to be your own boss.

The Start Junk Hauling Business Expert will help you start and grow a Junk Hauling Business.

Haul My Junk

Hauling Away Junk is the Best Business

haul my junk
haul my junk

Contact Start Junk Hauling Business to create a website that will bring you tons of haul way junk.

I receive calls on my website from clients that say can you haul my junk away.  My answer is we haul junk. I advise to never dump junk illegally. All you have to do is point and we will take care of the rest.  Every time someone calling in from my websites and ask is we haul away junk.  Some of the clients ask if we haul away junk for free.  I answer by saying I am sorry there are several fees when clients ask us to haul my junk.

Fees to haul away junk

The fees to haul away junk are very expensive.  The labor to haul to haul way junk is very expensive.  The dump truck insurances are expensive.  To operate a junk hauling business.  You need general liability insurance, work man’s comp insurance, and dump truck vehicle insurance is all very expensive.  The maintenance on a dump truck and the fuel are all expensive.  That is the reason a professional junk hauling company cannot haul away junk for free.

How Much Does it cost to haul away junk

The next question a client will ask you “how much does it cost to haul away junk”.  I sometimes refer them back to my well-optimized website for the one call junk haul pricing.

Need someone to haul away junk

Just as soon as you realize, you would wind up occupied by junk that’s consuming a very good deal of area in your residence or workplace. Eliminating junk can indeed look like an intimidating undertaking. Disposing junk in an acceptable way is critical to continue to continue to keep your house’s clutter-free.

Places that haul junk

Make sure you investigate junk removal businesses to produce sure you choose a trustworthy business enterprise. Junk removal businesses play a crucial role in recycling. The business is named after me! Businesses that haul away junk are all set in your regional region to assist you. Today, you’re going to discover many Junk Removal Company came into existence due to many reasons and needs of the consumers. Employ a bigger junk removal company which you believe you’re going to need.

One call junk haul

Make more customers contented. Efficient and fast service will supply you with amazing removal experiences. Junk removal services can end up being beneficial in several distinct scenarios. It’s not feasible for a junk removal service to supply you with an accurate price without seeing precisely what junk or waste items you should be hauled away. Although you probably know that using an expert junk removal service is a fantastic way to find unwanted and unused items removed from inside or outside your house or company, you may not feel comfortable when it comes time to employ a corporation. It’s important you ought to hire a professional service provider. Most professional service providers are available on the internet or by phone.

Dump Truck Business plan

A Dump Truck Junk Hauling Business Best Investment

The number one secret to having a successful dump plan for dump truck company is to focus all of your marketing efforts on getting clients to have 1-2-3 jobs a day, a week.

How to Find Dump Truck Contracts

If you are asking yourself how to start a dump truck business and what is the secret to making money with a dump truck it is to dump truck contracts with clients that will have multiple jobs a week. If you follow that advice you will have more dump truck work than you could ever handle.

How to start your own dump truck business

Whether you are a small dump truck business or a want are starting a dump truck business that is going to be a national company. Start Junk Hauling Business will help with starting a dump truck business. And they will help you too is a dump truck business profitable.

How to find dump truck work

Making money with a dump truck is going to depend on how good your junk hauling business website is optimized. The junk hauling business-building experts at start junk hauling business will create a killer website that is optimized for dump truck operator jobs. You will be one of the best dump truck contractors just keep your dump truck business plan simple.

Dump Truck Owner Operator Salary

The salary of a dump truck operator is whatever he wants it to be. There clients that pay premium dump truck hauling prices. And when a client asks you for a quote get in a truck and give the client a quote to do the jobs. Ask for referrals.

How to Start a Dump Truck Company

Dump trucks are extremely pricey and also an investment in this type of company ought to be provided a detailed investigation and research. It’s not a company which you may satisfactorily begin with only a $5,000 budget. A mistake can spell out your fiscal catastrophe.

How to Make Money with Dump Truck

What type of trucks are you really going to buy for the company?
How are you going to fund the trucks?
How are you going to amortize the rental or purchase of these trucks?
How are you going to keep the trucks?
Are you going to employ your mechanics or have it outsourced?
How large is the market which you’re taking a look at?
Just how far space which you’re eager to go when driving trucks?
How are you going to get clients?
Are you going to purchase the trucks and get it contracted by other businesses?
Are you going to employ your own truck drivers or are you going to be the sole driver?

Sample Dump Truck Business Plan

Obtaining clients for your company isn’t straightforward. Locate a market which you need to function, as the kinds of work which you may get will dictate the kinds of trucks as well as the costs you will incur. A few of those markets include hauling coal into the mines, hauling sand to masons and contractors (even swimming businesses ), street building, taking street salt during winter, tasks for state street maintenance, amongst others.

How to Run a Dump Truck Business

You could be able to run a trucking company if you can be hired by your municipality or local authorities for a contractor truck. Another means is to find customers that need short hauls with hardly any travel space or idle moment.

As a dump truck company proprietor, You’ll Be faced with a variety of challenges, for example:

  • Increasing the cost of gasoline
  • Care as well as the increasing cost of truck components such as tires
  • The possible absence of labor

High overhead price, like payments for an insurance policy for both trucks and drivers, heavy equipment dealers
Price of hiring drivers, for example, wage, workers compensation, etc..
Gas prices are going to be a massive portion of your own expenses. If the job requires one to back-haul, then you’ll be burning as much fuel which might raise your operating price. A project such as transporting sidewalk could be easier on the gas use since there’ll not be any back-hauling and trucks aren’t. Overloaded.

How to Run a Successful Dump Truck Business

Care is also a vital part of the dump truck industry, which is particularly true when you’re in the market for secondhand trucks. Maintenance is the trick to the longevity of your gear without needing large repair fees from external stores. Your company is essentially dead in case your truck’s tires are either bust or the vehicle breaks down. Additionally, correctly preserved trucks will mean needing less cost for equipment offenses in the weighing scales.

How to Start A Dump Truck Hauling Service

The perfect situation is to create a massive shop where you can fix and maintain your personal trucks if you’ve got the skills and understand how. Attempt to perform jobs like oil changes, change tires, and do brake jobs, fix electrical issues in-house to save money and effort. But in case you don’t have any knowledge in truck repairs, then the 100 mechanics down the street might still be more economical in comparison to you utilizing wrong tools on your endeavor to fix and keep your automobile.

Owning a Dump Truck Business

Given the large cost of running a dump truck company, you can realize that your company will struggle with creating profits. 1 choice is to begin a dump truck company together with another firm — e.g. begin an excavating company and apply the trucks to haul to your organization, then rent it out to others.

Dump Truck Hauling Business

It’s better that you start with the Business Plan to ensure this is a company you have to enter. The secret is to study and thoroughly comprehend the dump truck company. You have to get a comprehensive comprehension of company expenditures. Check how much dump truck drivers are earning an hour and then try to compute the expense of gasoline and other expenditures.

Dump Truck Business Income

Because you’re just starting out your business enterprise, you might need to bid lower than other dump truck operators. After all, you are launching your company in the information age so that you may also utilize it to your benefit. By doing such an in-depth research, you will come to understand whether starting a dump truck business in a special area can prove to be profitable or not.

Dump Truck Hauling Contracts

When compared to a personal automobile insurance policy coverage, commercial insurance gives extra protection to coordinate with the requirements of a business enterprise. You must also acquire commercial insurance for your company to safeguard both its assets from liability claims along with the physical building at your favorite business website. For instance, a motor truck cargo insurance stipulates the security of the shipment or the truck’s load.

Dump Truck Owner Operator

Ask about job openings and kinds of material and trucks you’d be operating. Platooning, in a nutshell, is when trucks utilize technology to digitally tether convoys of at least two trucks enabling them to travel closely with each other to decrease drag and boost fuel efficiency. By leasing, you do not just get the dump trucks but only have to pay a fixed monthly installment without needing to make any down payment. Industrial dump trucks play a substantial part in the day-to-day operations of the building industry.


The Guide To Foreclosure Cleanups

Big Profits in Cleaning Foreclosed Homes

Whether there are lots of foreclosures in your region, then there’s a good opportunity that additional property preservation specialists will be deemed necessary.

The flip side to cleaning out foreclosures is construction clean up. There is always a big need for junk haulers. Contact the junk hauling experts at start junk hauling business.

foreclosure clean out business

This article is about a guide to the foreclosure clean up business:
These are the main points to have a successfully clean out foreclosures business. There will always be a need for foreclosure cleaning.
During a good economy, there will be less foreclosure cleaning contracts. This is the time setting up a foreclosure clean-out business. There will be fewer junk haulers during good economic times. Although this will be the best time to build your relationships to acquire foreclosure clean out contacts. If you build your relationship when there is less work the companies or REO listing agents giving you foreclosure clean out jobs will give you all the foreclosure clean out business you could ever handle.

foreclosure clean outs

During good economic times, you will have the time to set up a website that is well optimized for Property Preservation work in your area or your city. For example, if your area in San Diego. Then set up a website that will be optimized for:

San Diego + trash outs
San Diego + REO Cleanouts
San Diego + Foreclosure home cleanups

I know this will give you a good example. But contact start a junk hauling business they are the experts at building well-optimized websites for junk hauling business websites and cleaning foreclosure websites.
When the real estate market shifts or goes into another recession you and your clean out foreclosure business will be ready. And you will have all the contacts to get foreclosure cleaning contracts. When you are well established. You will run circles around your competition. You will not have to figure out how to make money cleaning foreclosures. Or how to get foreclosure cleaning contracts, because you will have all the REO listing agents and asset companies as clients.

how to bid on foreclosure cleaning jobs

There is always a need a good property preservation company in any area of the country. REO listing agents, asset companies, loan servicing companies… are always looking for a good reliable dependable REO property preservation company.

Here is a great video on starting a foreclosure cleanup Business

In many locations, they are still at an all-time high. They can be an exciting way to get a great deal on a home and build instant equity.
The reason why I got from the business is that it’s cut-throat and the deception was unheard of.

how to start a foreclosure cleaning business

To have a good breakdown of job opportunities and to fully grasp the way your cleanup company can be the finest possible, it’s strongly suggested that you obtain a guide about starting a foreclosure cleanup enterprise. If you would like to understand how to begin a closure cleanup property preservation organization, then the very first thing you have to do is have a look at the demographics of your region.
If you’re going into the business you’re going to need the capacity to float expenses for months. After purchasing initial products, a cleanup company will bring in money that may go straight in your pocket. Foreclosure cleanup businesses are terrific assets to banks since they not only alleviate fines but in addition help it become feasible for the houses to be placed on the current market and sold.

Here is a great video on how to gauge the real estate market.

Is there another financial crisis around the corner

Is there another financial crisis around the corner

Is there another financial crisis around the corner?

September 2018 was the 10 year anniversary; when the biggest and the old financial institutions in the U.S. – Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy and many other financial institutions went out of business.

The U.S. Government had to step in and bail us out with billions of dollars to save us.

Are you ready for the next financial crisis?

I made a killing cleaning out foreclosures.

Harvard is one of the most trusted institutions in the world.  And in this article they are predicting the next financial crash.  In the article they go through the four quadrants of the market cycle.

  • Recovery
  • Expansion
  • Hypersupply
  • Recession

Warren Buffett one of the top investors of all times. He said to not only survive the crash but to profit from it.  Let me show you how he does it.

This new york time articles talks about how Buffett purchased 700 million shares of Bank of America stock for 5 billion dollars during the recession  today it is worth 21 billion dollars

Let me show how Buffett did it.

I got really lucky and I worked for a group of investors.  They were the first ones I heard talk about the different real estate markets.

They are always gauging the real estate market. They were always ready for a crash or a booming market.  When the market was booming, they would be making money. When real estate was in the dumps they were making money.

When I stopped working with them the real estate market was on fire, and I was making a killing as a real estate agent.  The market started to shift in 2006 and I started to feel the pinch.

Because I had worked with these I guys and I learned so many things from them. I instinctively knew that real estate was going to go into a recession. I did not expect the recession to be as bad as I was.  I started a foreclosure cleanup business and I made a killing.

As the economy recovered in 2012 I aligned my foreclosure clean out business with the growing economy.  We started cleaning out new construction jobs and remodel jobs.

A foreclosure home only has to be cleaned once a construction site needs to be cleaned 2-3 times per week.

Today my company is ready for a booming economy or a financial crisis.  My company will thrive in any market. Let me show you how to do it.

Call Eddie (213) 804-7437

Foreclosure Clean out Contracts

how to get foreclosure cleaning contracts

foreclosure cleanup contracts
foreclosure cleanup contracts

The common person will be unaware of the Foreclosure Clean out Contracts. You have to be a real estate insider. People who work in the Foreclosure REO will be the ones that know about Property Preservation, Initial Services, Trash-Outs, REO Bank Owned Cleanout are terms that the average person will not know about.

how to get foreclosure cleanup jobs

I first heard of Bank foreclosure Clean up jobs, when I worked for Bankruptcy Attorney. A client of the attorney lost a property to a foreclosure trustee sale. The property owner was devastated. The family got locked out of the property at a sheriff lockout eviction.

When the family got locked out. All of their personals property was locked in the foreclosed REO real estate owned property.

It was a big mess. There was a cleaning bank owned homes crew that was in the process of trashing out the REO bank owned property.

how to get foreclosure cleaning contracts

The attorney immediately contacted the loan servicing company and informed them that there was personal property that belonged to his client.
That was the first time that I heard the term foreclosure cleaning companies.

The bank that owned the REO property was in the process of cleaning out foreclosed home to get ready to list and sell the property.
The lender contacted the company that had the foreclosure cleanup contact. The company contacted the attorney and gave them a 2-hour time frame for his client to pick up his personal property.

The attorney’s client was a nervous wreck. My boss. The attorney asked if I would meet with the client and the cleaning foreclosed homes for bank crew. The trash-out crew is the one that opened up the property for the client.

how to get contracts for cleaning foreclosed homes

Unfortunately, the attorney had many clients that lost their homes to a foreclosure sale. This was the first time that I was aware of a cleaning service for foreclosed homes.

I meet the foreclosure house cleaning crew at the property with the attorney’s client.

I was at the property with the client. The client was loading all of his personal property into a U-Haul. The trash-out crew was waiting for the client to haul away all of his personal property. The trash-out crew had the foreclosure clean out contracts and was ready to complete the trash-out, maid service, and grass cut.

cleaning foreclosed homes for banks

I was asking them all sorts of questions. Like, what are the foreclosure clean out prices? And How many foreclosure clean out jobs were they getting a month or a week? They were very nice and answered my questions about the foreclosure cleaning business.

I started noticing that the foreclosure cleanup companies were placing stickers on the REO Bank Owned Properties. Then I started to notice foreclosure cleaning services everywhere.

Are You Ready for the next 5-10 years – Start Junk Hauling Business?

Start Junk Hauling Business Thrive in booming or declining Economic Cycles

10 years after the financial collapse the cost political and social
It is estimated that the cost to the U.S. Government – American Tax Payer was over 2 trillion dollars. There was a recent study by the Federal Reserve Board. The cost to every single American is approximately $70,000.00

Click the link for the complete article:

Many of you know my story that I was working in real estate sales from 2002-2006. In 2005 it started to become very difficult to close a real estate transaction. The lending was getting tight. Real Estate prices were sky high. Everyone in real estate was thinking that the good times were just around the corner in a few months.

Many real estate professionals started going through very hard financial times. Friends and colleagues lost homes, cars, and some even lost their families, because of financial troubles.

Luckily I got into REO Property Preservation cleaning out bank-owned REO foreclosed properties. My financial troubles lasted 6 months before I was able to turn it around. It has been 10 years since the last financial devastation of 2008.

In late 2005-2006 the real estate market started to tighten up. Every real estate professional from real estate sales agents, loan agents, escrow officers, title officers, real estate home inspectors … were in denial. They were hoping that the real estate business would get right – or back on track to what it was in 2001-2005.

The media was saying that our economy was going strong. I could not believe what the media was reporting. The news media was reporting was contracting to what I was seeing in the real world. The news media was reporting that real estate prices were up, unemployment was down …

I was receiving order after order to clean out foreclosure properties. I was getting on conference calls with Banks, Asset Companies, Credit Unions, Loans Servicing Companies and they were all begging to take on more foreclosure clean out work orders across the country.

The news media did not break the news until 2008 when Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy protection. That is the day the media started to report the truth.
I started my REO foreclosure business in late 2006. By 2008 when the media headlines were:
September 4, 2008 – Lehman Brothers Weighs Split to Release Troubling Loans
September 5, 2008 – Officials’ Statements on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
September 11, 2008 – Lehman’s Revamp Draws Doubters
September 14, 2008 – Lehman Files for Bankruptcy, Merrill Sold
September 18, 2008 – Worst Crisis Since the ‘30s, With No End in Sight
September 19, 2008 – The Great Depression? Not quite
September 20, 2008 – Behind Closed Doors, Warnings of Calamity
September 20, 2008 – Five Days That Transformed Wall Street: Sept 15-19, 2008
September 21, 2008 – Bailout Tab: $700,000,000
September 29, 2008 – For Stocks, Worst Dingle-Day Drop in Two Decades

Click the link below for the complete article:

The people started seeing these news media headlines all over. Everyone and his brother in law wanted to start a foreclosure cleanout business. By that time it was too late. I had 25 people working for me.

Some people did start a foreclosure clean-out business. Many of them did not last more than a few months.
To be a success in the Foreclosure Clean out Business you have to get into the REO Bank Owned Clean Out Business before it hits the media.

These are the Headlines 10 years after the Financial Crisis of 2008
In the last 10 years, the Dow has nearly quadrupled. The labor force has not recovered. Foreclosures have dropped significantly. The household debt is on the rise. The banks have bounced back with fewer bank failures. Financial Troubles could happen again.

Suze Orman – CNBC Reflects on the 10 year Anniversary of the Wall Street Financial Deadlock

American’s have not learned their lesson. American’s tell Suze that they want to buy real estate and flip it. American’s are getting nervous again. And thinking of selling their real estate.

Warren Buffet 10 Years After 2008 Mortgage Meltdown

Weak Companies did not survive. Strong companies emerged stronger than ever. Warren Buffet says that the smartest companies should not only survive but should take advantage of the next real estate crash.
Did Mr. Buffet Predict the financial collapse? Warren did not predict the timing crash, but he did predict how bad it was going to be. There was a publication in Fortune magazine. Warren mentioned derivatives “financial weapons of mass destruction”

Warren Buffet was correct. The easy lending mortgage combined with difficult derivatives securities nearly caused the U.S. financial system to collapse.

Berkshire invested 5 billion dollars in Bank of America Stock back in 2011. Today the shares are worth about 21 billion dollars. A profit of roughly $16 billion dollars in the seven years since the investment.

There are many financial experts that are predicting another financial relapse. Are you ready for the next 5-10 years? There will be fluctuating markets. There will be a rise in the economy. There will be a flat-lined economy. And there will be another financial devastation.

Start Junk Hauling Business has the perfect solution. Start a junk hauling business. There will always be a universal need for professional junk hauling companies.

During a recession when real estate values decline. There will be a lot of money to be made cleaning out bank foreclosed properties. During growing economic cycles there will be a lot of money to be made cleaning out new construction projects or remodel construction projects.

Here is a great video on starting a foreclosure Cleanout business.

Here is a great video on how to start a foreclosure clean up business.

Here is a link to the top property preservation companies – Get foreclosure clean up contracts.

List REO Property Preservation Companies