Junk Removal Business Tips Email Marketing For Junk Haulers

Junk Removal Business Tips Email Marketing For Junk Haulers

The junk hauling business experts at https://startjunkhaulingbusiness.com and http://startjunkremovalservice.com taught me this trick on how to get more business for my junk hauling business.  I tried doing email marketing for my junk hauling business but I was not doing correctly.

When I send my emails to my clients respond by saying “thanks for sending me the email I am in desperate need of your junk hauling service”  here are the tricks.

Junk Removal Business Tips:

  1.  Keep Email Short – Less Than 100 words
  2. Send sequential emails – minimum 7 emails – every 7-10 days
  3. Email 1 – Email of introduction
  4. Email 2 – Coupon 10% off
  5. Email 3 – Blog post of recently completed job – with before and after pictures
  6. Resend email 1
  7. Resend email 2

The junk hauling building expert explained to me why these 7 communications are needed.

Explanation of email 1:

Email 1 is an introduction email, even if they need your service they will not call you because they do not know who you are.  They will wait for there their un reliable current junk hauler.

Explanation of email 2:

Email 2 is just to keep your junk hauling business / construction site cleanup service on the top of their conscience mind.  And if you send a coupon with 10% off you gain some points.

Explanation of email 3:

Email 3 send a blog post of a recently completed job.  They are now becoming familiar with your junk hauling service.  If you send them a post of a recent job and the job looks good, you are sending them a message that you are good at what you do, you are a hard work like he is – most construction guys are hard working people.

Keep the email short – contractors are buy people they do not site behind a computer looking at emails, also the short emails are like one you would send to friend.  Here is a sample email to a construction company.


Subject: Construction Clean Up Services

It’s a great day in [your city, state]

I just want to reach out to you. I can help you with jobsite cleanup.

I currently offer a special on [anything current special ]

We are [name of website or company]., We are dependable, [          ] and [               ].

I hope you don’t mind the cold outreach, but I thought it might interest you.

I am [name] and my number is (xxx) xxx-xxxx.

My Websites are http://yourwebsite.com

Talk Soon,

[your name]

(xxx) xxx-xxxx


your address, your city, you state, your zip code

If you don’t wish to save money on construction site cleanup, simply reply NO.


Email marketing worked really well for me.  I invested a few hundred bucks and I got three new clients that have me service their construction jobs sites two to three times per week, per job.  If you need help with email marketing for your junk hauling services, contact the guys at https://startjunkhaulingbusiness.com and http://startjunkremovalservice.com

Junk Removal Business Tips Email Marketing For Junk Haulers

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Junk Removal Business Tips Email Marketing For Junk Haulers
Junk Removal Business Tips Email Marketing For Junk Haulers