List REO Property Preservation Companies

List REO Property Preservation Companies

property preservation vendors list

List of REO Property Preservation Companies

Property Preservation companies are only as good as their list of property preservation companies or contractors vendors. I own a very successful property preservation company in the Los Angeles area.

There are two types of property preservation companies. National property preservation companies and regional preservation companies.
Below is a list of national property preservation companies. This article will help you build a property preservation vendor list for a regional property preservation vendor list.

The top 10 property preservation companies are billion dollar companies with millions do dollars of revenue a month. They have systems and procedures for everything. I modeled my regional company from best property preservation companies that I have worked for.

Property Preservation Companies hiring vendors


The national property preservation companies are always hiring and looking for good property preservation vendors to help them fill their voids.
Home preservation companies.

I was a very successful real estate sales agent. When the economy turned. Real estate took a big turn downward. Everyone in real estate was left jobless. Property preservation contractors were needed across the country.
I was offered home preservation jobs in the Los Angeles area. I asked what do property preservation companies do. And what is a property preservation company? I did some research. I found out house preservation services include trash outs, maid services, grass cuts, securing, broken window board ups, complete board ups, fencing properties, sheriff eviction lockouts …

I was working completing simple foreclosure clean outs. I was just so happy to have an income. I had gone several months with an income.
Within a few months, I was in the property preservation business. I became the top property preservation company in the Los Angeles. I became there go to guy for LA.

Property Preservation Work

My company quickly grew to a staff of 25 people. Our main motto when completing REO preservation work was to the best we could do. When something went wrong we were 100% transparent and honest. And then that is when the floodgates opened up with REO property preservation jobs.

Slammed with Property Preservation Work

Every emergency repair that needed to get done in Los Angeles my phone would ring. My company received every big job. I got all the big jobs from San Diego area to the Santa Barbara area. The biggest foreclosure clean out my company did was a 1000 cubic yard trash out.

I once received the biggest order for my company. I was offered a job to complete 50 rehabs from the biggest bank in the United States. I was a very stressful time in my life. With the stress came big profits.

Property Preservation Vendors Needed

I became the guy looking for vendors to service all of my orders. I needed everything from roof repair contractors, plumbing contractors, electricians, plumbers, painters, handymen, door repair, window repair, fencing repair, doorbell repairs. I had a reputation of being the best paying property preservation companies.

How to start a property preservation company

Today I help start property preservation companies. I consult and help guys start their REO property preservation company. There is so much to do from what is the name of their property preservation company names to opening bank accounts, filling out starting a business paperwork with their city, their county, their state.

property preservation vendors list
property preservation vendors list

List REO Property Preservation Companies

Our List REO Property Preservation Companies helps you sign up with national property preservation companies quickly and conveniently. National property preservation companies sign contracts with major banks, asset management companies and loan servicing companies to service their REO properties. Large preservation companies hire you as an independent vendor to help them take care of the day-to-day jobs.

Simply click on the link in the list REO property preservation companies, you will arrive at the signup page of national property preservation companies. Next, you will fill out forms and submit paperwork to qualify and become a vendor.

We at Start Junk Hauling Business understand how confusing and challenging this can be. We can help you sign up with all national preservation companies easily.

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Start Junk Hauling Business can help you navigate the vendor application process. For a free consultation about applying to become a preservation vendor, do not hesitate to contact the expert at property preservation.

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Advantages of signing up with REO property preservation companies

    • High Volume of Work
    • Structured Pay Scales

See Highest paying property preservation companies

  • Streamline jobs online
  • Signing up with as many property preservation companies as you want
  • Meet REO Listing Agents – get other work

Disadvantages of signing up with REO property preservation companies:

  • Pricing is set by companies
  • Pricing tends to be below prime pricing

List REO Property Preservation Companies

List REO Property Preservation Companies
List REO Property Preservation Companies

The junk hauling business building experts at and say that it is always a good idea to sign up with the mentioned REO property preservation companies.

Junk hauling companies will have a lot of junk haulers orders during a real estate recession from REO property preservation companies.

Junk Removal Tips

Junk removal tips #1:

Junk haulers sign up with the REO preservation companies as soon as possible.  You will start getting orders.  The volume of work you will receive is in direct connection with the amount of notices of default that are recorded in your county.

If there is a high volume of Notices of Trustee Sales you will have a high volume of properties to clean up.

If there is a low volume of Notices of Default and Notices of Trustee Sales you will have a low volume of REO properties to cleanup.

Junk Hauling Tip 2 – Sign up with the above mentioned companies as soon as humanly possible.  The trick is to sign up when there is little work.  You will be signed up with preservation companies before the rush. If you try to sign up in the middle of a recession when they have a high volume of work it will be to late then.  The trick to sign up is to sign up before a real estate recession.

Junk Hauling Tip 3 – Make your own REO preservation price list

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