Start A Junk Removal Business

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mega reel 500 spins Starting A Junk Removal Business is profitable, scalable and easy to start.

ecologically ivermectin for dogs buy In 2007 I started a junk removal business with no capital, no equipment, no clients, no crews and no junk hauling business experience. The real estate market in Los Angeles was very unstable. From early 2000 to 2006-2007 the real estate market had 25% appreciation. There was buzz in the media that a real estate bubble was eminent. Top economist and even Alan Greenspan – chairman of the Federal Reserve were predicting a real estate bubble in California.

Şabyā stromectol 3 mg posologie I knew that starting a junk removal business was going to be a good business. I knew from my 25 years of working in real estate and seeing the different real estate trends I had experienced. The no documentation loans that were available to real estate buyers was another indicator. The no documentation loans were loans that there was no verification of income. In some cases depending on your Fico score they would not even ask you how much you made in income.

alarmingly online blackjack game with friends This is how I start a junk removal business. I contacted the junk removal business start up experts at They first built me a junk hauling website for only $97.00. They knew exactly how to grow a junk hauling business, depending on the economy.

To start a junk removal business, you will need to complete the following items:

  • Plan start a junk removal business
  • Assess your local junk removal business
  • Decide which is better for you franchise or your own business
  • Create a business plan start a junk removal business
  • Optional – funding to get start a junk removal business
  • Get ready to open and operate junk removal service
  • Buy a dump truck or trailer for junk removal business
  • Buy Equipment – hands free cell phone equipment, computer, hand tools etc
  • Buy Safety Equipment for junk removal business
  • Get Business License junk hauling business
  • Get DBA Junk hauling service junk removal service
  • Get Tax Identification Numbers junk hauling business
  • Get General Liability insurance
  • Get Workman’s Comp insurance
  • Get Dump truck or trailer insurance
  • Marketing for your junk business –
  • Advertise your junk business –
  • Research how to hire junk haulers in your area
  • Train your employee’s customer service and safety training

When I actually started and doing the business and generating income.  I would receive a junk hauling order and I would sub contract the work out to local junk haulers that I had made arrangements with.  They would receive a high volume of work for preferential pricing.

In few months I bought my own dump truck. For more information on starting and running a successful junk hauling business.

If you have any question on how to start a junk removal business.

Start A Junk Removal Business
Start A Junk Removal Business